Havsfidra Curette 2013
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Launch on time 2013-06-05



20130605IMG_4717.JPG (472016 byte)

Last time in this cradle that the sub lift have had such trouble with.


20130605IMG_4718.JPG (499745 byte)

The cradle will be scrapped during the summer, and new equipment purchased to the drysetting.


20130605IMG_4722.JPG (438082 byte)

Off we go!


20130605IMG_4723.JPG (629058 byte)

The entrance to the guest harbour... 



20130605IMG_4725.JPG (427887 byte)

...at Slagsta marina.



20130605IMG_4728.JPG (371912 byte)

To the right is our entrance to dock 7.



First short trip 2013-06-06



20130606IMG_4733.JPG (542817 byte)

Johannesdals beach.


20130606IMG_4732.JPG (589836 byte)

Beautiful paintings on the rock.


20130606IMG_4734.JPG (799832 byte)

People are actually swimming on June 6!


20130606IMG_4737.JPG (346443 byte)

Even the Slagsta beach is occupied!


20130606IMG_4739.JPG (443904 byte)



20130606IMG_4738.JPG (459883 byte)

Eight kids in the water!


20130606IMG_4743.JPG (416218 byte)

Let's see now...



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20130606IMG_4746.JPG (363001 byte)

...yes, second empty hole to the left.



Next one on 2013-07-09

This time under sail though!


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Wind: Southwest 4-6 m/sec.

Sailing eastward in 3,5-5,5 knots.

Mainsail and self-tacking jib on a boom.

Thanks to the smooth water we did actually reach 5,5 knots a couple of times during this 3 nautical mile trip.

It was a delight!

20130709 17.08.11.jpg (845999 byte)

The surf pad is a treat when it gets boring. :-)


20130709 17.11.42.jpg (903256 byte)

View towards Bockholm narrows.


20130709 17.10.26.jpg (872376 byte)

Listen and learn the sound of speed.


20130709 17.11.35.jpg (979056 byte)

Heading for Slagsta marina in the background.


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Chasing a canoe on 2013-08-09

The month of July was so good that we have been out on the water several times, but due to the weather where no clothes were needed, and subsequently no cameras were brought, no photos were taken. Sorry!

Today however, an hour before dinner a friend called and told me he and his brother was paddling a canoe passing our marina in just a few minutes. Fine, fun, good to hear from you, see ya! 
Henrik! Let's go out and chase them! And surprise them! Hurry!
Fifteen minutes later we did cast off our moorings and started the chase.
But, no sight of them, an hour later we noticed two blokes on the starboard shore, with a similar canoe but beige, not yellow, and EDGAR! Their little Powder Puff. 
Both Tom and his little brother Peter has actually grown, they are both grown ups now, and the yellow canoe has turned beige. :-)
We had a rather late dinner this evening


20130807IMG_6689.jpg (978928 byte)
Tom and Peter was only found thanks to Edgar, the Powder Puff.




20130807IMG_6693.jpg (546186 byte)
The car ferry Waxholmen crossing our route.














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Last trip on 2013-09-07

Only Henrik and me, out for an hour, then back home for the Crayfish party at home! :-)



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20130914IMG_6788.jpg (620384 byte)








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Drysetting on 2013-09-19

The weather forecast made me go down to the boat very early in the morning, before the storm.
I drove Curette around the marina to the dock with the lift.
I went home again to wake up the rest of the family, for work and schools.
When I went back down to the marina for the first lift this morning, it was nobody there, so it was only to wait for them to wake up too.
When the lift finally started, the rain came, more and more...


20130919IMG_6793.jpg (557231 byte)
The calm before the storm.


20130919IMG_6797.jpg (419909 byte)
The guys are awake, and taking out the mules.


20130919IMG_6798.jpg (527592 byte)
Up up in the rain.
20130919IMG_6800.jpg (427407 byte)
One advantage of sailing in a sweetwater lake, no barnacles! :-)




20130919IMG_6801.jpg (433368 byte)
We are all wet now, let's go home!




20130921IMG_6806.jpg (645603 byte)
A few days later, the geese are loudly gathering above Curette for their journey south.
How lucky they are! :-)

See you next year!




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