Bauhaus Drive-In, Alby, Sweden

To be, in due time!

This is a short picture story about the archaeological excavation prior to the expansion of the present Bauhaus supermarket to a drive-in market.

Our ancestors has lived here for probably 7.000 years.
This is one of the reasons why the company Bauhaus contribute with several hundreds of thousands of dollars
to make it possible for the The National Heritage Board of Sweden (Riksantikvarieämbetet)
to carry out this excavation to document our history.


The mission of The National Heritage Board of Sweden (in English).

An aerial view over Bauhaus from Eniro

A placemark for Google Earth

Another one for Google Maps

Archaeological map (text in Swedish).



Bauhaus080616IMG_4924.jpg (436722 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4923.jpg (351803 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4932.jpg (345409 byte)
On the Sankt Botvids road, or during the twentieth century called Realm Road One (Riksväg 1, or nicknamed "Riksettan"), or prior to that, Göta Country Road (Göta Landsväg), where the cars are driving, is probably several thousands of years old, and has always been the main route towards the southern parts of the country.



This hillock will be blown away to make Bauhaus expand to a drive-in supermarket.
To the right from here, a couple of hundred yards out of picture is the Göta Bridge, where the Göta country road crossed a creek before continuing down to Flottsbro where a simple form of ferry took people across the narrow passage between the Alby lake and Tullinge lake.



The excavator stands in the middle of a grave ring, measuring and plotting a find with a laser instrument placed on the hilltop.
Right behind Bauhaus, across the road is the not yet excavated Svartlösa Tingsplats. The ancient form of a district court. It was moved down to Fittja when the new bridge and shorter road towards Stockholm was built in the seventeenth century.



Bauhaus080616IMG_4937.jpg (336251 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4933.jpg (275136 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4939.jpg (388700 byte)
Grave rings!
Dated from the ninth century



One of the grave rings had a part of a  telephone pole from the twentieth century, exactly in the centre of the grave.
There are surely no vampires left in this area! ;-)



A large ring.
Bauhaus080616IMG_4927.jpg (426600 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4941.jpg (290789 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4943.jpg (472179 byte)
I can't really tell... might be a snuff bag, a strange Scandinavian behavior...;-)



The laser on top of the hill. I would date this item to the late fourties, nineteen fourties I mean.
Probably from the last farm on the spot, Kumla Gård!



Bauhaus080616IMG_4945.jpg (427889 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4946.jpg (390318 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4949.jpg (319386 byte)
This is interesting though...



...pieces of coloured pottery from the sixteenth century.
A nice find!
It looks like a rough tool, but the excavator looked thouroghly at each part in the soil, before throwing them over to the large pile in the background. :-)



Bauhaus080616IMG_4952.jpg (394541 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4953.jpg (310172 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4951.jpg (371919 byte)
This is a part of the excavation a little closer to the present Bauhaus.




The nearest excavators have found a cooking place each.


The soil is collected for macro analysis. Perhaps we will get to know what they ate, and how long ago?


Bauhaus080616IMG_4950.jpg (430708 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4958.jpg (473400 byte) Bauhaus080616IMG_4959.jpg (417962 byte)
I admire their patient and yet eager work




Henrik actually understood what it was before I got time to tell. :-)
Bauhaus080624IMG_5234.jpg (252045 byte)


The excavation site seen from Realm Road One, from across the motorway.




This is a summary translated from Swedish, of the results from the excavations done in 2008.
Information obtained from The National Heritage Board of Sweden

The Kumla farm lot consists of at least 4 house foundations, Main building with two wings, and a barn. The buildings were still standing at the inventory in 1951. The lot was phosphate mapped in 1988, with findings from the Viking- and Middle Ages and traces in form of ditches of pre-Roman age. Findings and culture layer were left on the site. 

The latest excavation in 2008 has disclosed 14 house foundations, among them one house on poles dated to late Viking Age. A few cooking places, fragments of brick, roofing tiles, window glass, iron nails, flint, glazed tiles, burned wood, and porcelain. Five of the findings at this part of the Kumla farm lot are C14-dated from late Viking Age around the year 890 to 1620 AD. In the 17th century the farm was built that we know as Kumla farm that was demolished in the 1960s. 

The grave field consists of 19 graves, 15 stone settings, and three carved boulder graves, one of them with the roof missing. At least one sepulchral urn was found. In 9 of the graves were found burned bones, two red glass pearls, fragments of combs, one iron item, and fragments of pottery. One cooking place, and four holes after wood poles of pre-historic character, together with later piles of boulders cleared away from the fields, terraces edges, and a root cellar. A latter gravel road has damaged at least three graves. The grave field is dated from older Roman Iron- to Vendel Age (before 150 to 900AD).




The construction work came to a halt the autumn 2008 due to the economic recession, but is now up and running again since the summer 2009.



20091008IMG_7238.jpg (226162 byte)
The view towards west,...




Half the old hill is gone now in early October 2009.



The pictures were taken from the adjacent Maxi-ICA parking lot.

20091008IMG_7240.jpg (290224 byte)
...and the view towards east,...
20091008IMG_7243.jpg (276178 byte)




20091008IMG_7242.jpg (344938 byte)
...and the area in between.
20091008IMG_7241.jpg (362914 byte)
20091015IMG_7274.jpg (223661 byte)
I believe they got the pillars up in only one day.




20091015IMG_7276.jpg (216573 byte)
Probably raised on October 13 or 14.
20091015IMG_7273.jpg (206918 byte)
The pictures were taken around noon October 15.
20091119IMG_7518.jpg (206731 byte)
November 19




20091119IMG_7520.jpg (186782 byte)
November 19


20091127IMG_7549.JPG (266866 byte)
November 27. The new road beside the drive-in is finished, but not open to the public yet, I sneaked in! ;-)




20091127IMG_7548.JPG (270006 byte)
November 27. The new road with planted trees.


20091127IMG_7558.JPG (216513 byte)
November 27, seen from Sankt Botvids Väg across the motorway. 
Work has even started on the motorway to broadening it to six lanes, at last, it has been a bottle neck for years!


20100427IMG_9029.jpg (234824 byte)


20100427IMG_9030.jpg (253588 byte)

Now in April 2010 it is big inauguration!


20100427IMG_9034.jpg (250307 byte)


20100427IMG_9032.jpg (268167 byte)




That's all folks!?







to be continued... eventually, if something comes up!