Daycare 2007

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Ms Kim and Ms Michele

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Mr Greg and Mr Henrik

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Paper work.

IMG_BB2007 (5).JPG (647453 byte)

Ms Kim's little helper.



IMG_BB2007 (4).JPG (202765 byte)


We can all go home soon!


IMG_5890cr.JPG (275149 byte)

Henrik's birthday party on April 17, 2007.
In the spirit of Flash McQueen



 IMG_5881cr.JPG (298503 byte)  IMG_5882cr.JPG (303112 byte)

 A Birthday party that was continued at home later on in the evening.



 IMG_5885cr.JPG (264145 byte)
  Henrik singing the Alphabet Song.



The Alphabet Song.

Old Mcdonald had a Farm.

Visit this nice page for lot's of songs.



DaycareGroup2007a.jpg (309543 byte)

All together now!



DaycareHenrik2007.jpg (1023008 byte)

From the school photo day.



Henrik1SignIn.JPG (245332 byte)

This semester number one often signs in as number one!


FriendWeekOctober.JPG (528624 byte)

A busy "Friend of the week"!


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