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Henrik is a member of, and partisipates in the training with the club Botkyrka Shukokai Karate in Tumba, centre of the Botkyrka municipality in Sweden.
The club is internationally known as Kimura Shukokai Sweden, and has become the largest karate club in Sweden.

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This Henrik's page however, will mainly show the most important occations, happenings, and celebrations for Henrik himself, not always the most important for the club. 

This is a link to the official web site for Botkyrka Shukokai Karate


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Kimura Shukokai Sweden
diploma 2007-12-15.



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A movie from the gradation 2008-06-08.

Sophia and Henrik at their a week late gradation.
They will get a new belt, with a yellow line, at the next occasion.



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Botkyrkahallen, Hallunda.




Gradation 2008-12-13

I believe Henrik and five of his mates have understood they got their diploma with an amount of doubt. They will have to practice harder, and under much more concentration.



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Kimura Shukokai Sweden
diploma 2008-12-13.



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Idrottshuset, Tumba.


A movie from the gradation 2009-05-30.


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Kimura Shukokai Sweden
diploma 2009-05-30.



20091031StockholmOpenKarateIMG_7385.jpg (243903 byte)
Stockholm Open 2009
in Eriksdalshallen,
the movie







20091121KarateKidCupEriksdalshallenStockholmDiplomaIMG_7542.jpg (468910 byte)
Karate Kid Cup 2009
in Eriksdalshallen, 
the movie


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Kimura Shukokai Sweden
diploma 2009-12-13.



Gradation 2010-06-06



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Today the Botkyrka Shukokai Chief Instructor Sensei Mikael Lundström was rewarded and acknowledged by the Swedish Athletic Association.

He got the award with the reasons of excellent training and dedicated leadership, always present and always giving useful admonitions, and not to forget his manor of addressing all his 370 students by their given names!




KimuraShukokaiGradation20100606IMG_9264.JPG (324273 byte)

KimuraShukokaiGradation20100606IMG_9265.JPG (296763 byte)

Click here to watch a movie from the gradation 2010-06-06



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KimuraShukokaiGradation20100606IMG_9270.JPG (546594 byte)



20101204KimuraShukokaiGradationIMG_0006.JPG (399362 byte)







Click here to watch a short movie from the gradation 2010-12-04.


20101204KimuraShukokaiGradationIMG_0530.JPG (288268 byte)




Gradation 2011-05-29


20110529ShukokaiKarateGradationIMG_1213.JPG (600090 byte)
A happy receiver of a green belt.




Click here to watch a short movie from the gradation!


20110529ShukokaiKarateGradationIMG_1187.JPG (565020 byte)
The club was honoured with a visit of the world instructor Shihan Lionel Marinus from Johannesburg in South Africa.
Shihan Lionel supervised the training camp during the whole week end.