Tom Tits Experiment
(Эксперименты Тома Тита)

Storgatan 33 i Södertälje

The old centrifuge factory (Basic information is presented in English, Finnish, and Russian)

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But, the very best aerial view is here at Eniro "Utsikt"!


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Join us for some fun, a nice summer day in Södertälje.

In Swedens biggest science park!



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It's easy to find Tom Tit!
As a matter a fact, it's rather difficult to miss Tom Tit!
From the Central station, take the Järnagatan to the right, to Storgatan that goes right through the shopping centre and town square, pass the church and it's just beyond the old motorway bridge that crosses the canal.


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The wood and brick in combination give the whole area a certain harmony, and a special place for new experiments hiding behind a bush or rock!


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A restaurant and at least two cafe's, both indoor and out in the park, together with the souvenir shop where also the book "404 experiments" is for sale

From the spring 2009 I believe the science park has been extended to more than 600 experiments!

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The fountain was "played" by people's feet on the platform to the right.


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In the shed you can create the movements from a real earthquake


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The picture above shows some of the registered earthquakes here at Tom Tits own seismograph.

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The bottle launcher in the right center of picture, where we pumped up enough pressure to shoot a water filled bottle along a wire up towards the roof, releasing the water in a large shower over the rest of the visitors.
It was really fun, but pumping up the pressure almost killed me. :-)



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At the strongest magnitude, when the shed moved a foot or so sideways, it was difficult to stand up straight.


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Lots of experiments in every corner.



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The water umbrella.


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I'm not quite sure...


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Self driven chopper.
It was for sure cooling dad down! Nice!



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"Balls on a string" water pump.


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A tower builder.
It was eventually demolished loudly by a kid that didn't understand it was built of small pieces.


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Lunchtime for the house rats.
Rat race in the afternoon.


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They were so attentive, and eager to fulfill their trainers commands.

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This is their home!

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Nah! Be careful now...


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To me this was another of Margarita's hidden talents!


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The guy to the right jumped off the platform to give Margarita space when she arrived, and she did!


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The HenrikGoRound


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Was almost too much!


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Pump up the water!


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And run...

TT (35).JPG (163034 byte)

Hurry up with that picture, I have to run to the next experi......


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I put a spell on you!

Don't worry, it's just another experiment!
Or, eh? I feel strange... dizzie...


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Run, run!


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Don't hurry! Do experiment with that optic filter in the socket on the rail first. Or just relax!


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Cold water.


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Cold water.


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Rest, at last!


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It was supposed to be dry in there.


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Hilarious at first.


TT (47).JPG (277955 byte)

Margarita's expression reflects the outcome.
We became soaking wet, and it was for sure cold water!


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The frog baby, one of hundreds!


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Wickerwork Weaving!



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Nice pattern created!


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Severe storm created by a huge fan.



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I can't help it, I do probably look like this even without a fan blowing a full storm in my face!
Henrik in the background holding in something steady!


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The white cap disappeared in an early stage: :-)


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When the fan stopped, the smaller kids came sliding down the ramp again.


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Full storm again!


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Up again, while it blowes!



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Tough guys!


TT (66).JPG (221824 byte)

Pump up the jam!



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Open every day, but maintenance has to be done.


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Even barrels can age with pride!


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Thanks Tom Tit, for a lovely day!



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We'll be back!


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