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Havsfidra Curette 2012

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Launch on May 31 at 16.20, only five minutes late!


20120531IMG_1572.JPG (350953 byte)



20120531IMG_1575.JPG (559724 byte)
We have had a rather dry, but perhaps a little too cool month of May. Today however, it became worse with rain and even cooler temperatures. Is it a sign, on our launch day?


We had only one (1) opportunity this summer to get a trip on the water, and it was in the middle of August, for an hour only. A rather expensive hour too, despite the boat is cheep, the annual fees put on this joyful hour ended at around US$ 3000, gasoline for two bucks included! Just for fun!

I forgot to mention that I forgot to take a picture too on that short journey. Sorry!



20120531IMG_1578.JPG (568145 byte)



Let's get her on the hard

on September 17.

20120917IMG_3711.JPG (624289 byte)
It's time


20120917DrySettingIMG_3712.JPG (619094 byte)
Watch the movie from the lift here!


20120917IMG_3718.JPG (535448 byte)



20120917IMG_3714.JPG (553763 byte)

For the first time ever we got the real weight. Close to 1,9 metric tons, when she is wet, we'll see how much is left the next spring. ;-)

20120917IMG_3716.JPG (614379 byte)



Sleep tight!

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