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Havsfidra Curette 2007

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Hissa flaggan!

Fredag 15 Juni 2007
kl. 16:00

(Tidigarelagd till kl. 14:15)



Hoist the flag!

on Friday June 15, 2007
at 1600 hours

(Rescheduled to 1415 hours)

IMG_8135cr.jpg (320913 byte)

Sjösättningen gick galant!
Det tog bara några minuter efter att Henrik och jag sagt hej till killen som kör gaffeltrucken, och berättat att jag bett om sjösättning idag vid fyratiden, - Nä, det hade jag ingen aning om, men jag brukar vara sist att få reda på sånt, så var gafflarna över mig redan när jag stod på stegen och löste upp knoparna till presenningen.

The launch went on superbly!
It took just a few minutes after Henrik and I said hello to the forklift guy, and told him that I had asked for launch today at around four, -No, I had no idea, but I'm usually the last one to get to know these things he said, then the forks were over me already when I were on the ladder trying to tie up the knots for the winter cover.



IMG_8140cr.jpg (303594 byte)



IMG_8148cr.jpg (310140 byte)

Jag hann faktiskt inte ens hissa flaggan!
Eller ta fram fendrarna!
Än mindre montera luckor och durkar, det gjordes i sjön. 
Det här var den snabbaste sjösättning jag varit med om! :-))

I didn't even get time to hoist the flag!
Or hang out the fenders!
Nor mounting the hatches or flooring, it had to be done in the water.
This was my fastest launch ever! :-))


Under Sail 070616


Apprentice070616.JPG (710402 byte)

Suitable dress?
Don't worry! He carried the kick board ashore.
No kick boarding on the docks here!




ApprenticeFirstTrip070616.JPG (301200 byte)

A nice trip! Eventless, except from surprisingly good sandwiches and coffee served. Henrik actually left me alone with the navigation, for the grub served in the pantry! :-)

ApprenticeFirstFi070616.JPG (456898 byte)

A light breeze from southeast was giving us a speed of 3,5 knots at the best. Pleasant!


  Close Encounter 070703


Oops Land Ohoy 070703.JPG (381327 byte)

A little too close maybe!

Only kidding, We plowed in to the reed instead of dropping anchor.
It's much easier this way. :-)

Dont Tell Mummy 070703.JPG (426530 byte)

If you tell my Mom I had candy on a Tuesday...



Dads Candy 070703.JPG (262510 byte)

I'll tell her Dad had candy too, like this I just pinched from his candy bag!


Anny 070703.JPG (213245 byte)

Anny has been anchored and abandoned like this in The Pirate Cove for almost three weeks now. It's like she is weighing the anchor prior to departure. I hope there isn't a gale coming!

Usually she is moored in the outer guest harbour in Trosa, but I guess they need the dock for the tourist invasion! :-)



Saturday on the water


20070714 (00).JPG (249144 byte)

I guess these guys felt lonely, with no smugglers to catch, and therefore came cruising in to Trosa harbour.

LOA 38 ft / 11,5 m
Beam 2,9 m
Displacement: 4900 kg
Engines: Volvo Penta 2x420 hp
Speed: Above 60 knots
Communication: GSM, VHF, KBV-radio, Fax
Navigation: Radar, Plotter, GPS

I can't resist posting this short movie!
It's not aimed towards neither the Swedish nor the German Coastguards, it's just plain funny!



20070714 (10).JPG (301184 byte)

20070714 (11).JPG (378651 byte)

When the rescue boat came in full speed in the seven knot lane it was just to keep a steady coarse and let them drive slalom between us.

More pictures from Trosa Sea Rescue Station.



It seems to be empty talk only about the environment, and no actions!
Nobody seems to bother that two of these 450 Hp speedboats are driving around the bay all day long with people in a rubber ring.



20070714 (01).JPG (292952 byte)

It was unusual winds today, which led us to an unusual mooring at Fåglarö (Birds Island).



20070714 (03).JPG (246349 byte)

Just for an hour, or two.


20070714 (02).JPG (208235 byte)

This is not a suitable mooring for the night, the bay is too large, if the wind changes it may be tough!

20070714 (05).JPG (358491 byte)




20070714 (06).JPG (402048 byte)

The water temperature was only for footbaths.


20070714 (07).JPG (431894 byte)



20070714 (09).JPG (379750 byte)

Hotdogs and Chorizos made the day!



Late August



We took the Tuesday off, because it may be the last fine day.

North eastern wind, 5-9 m/sec, but we found a calm mooring behind an island where we enjoyed some grilled Stockholmers and Sorunda Cheese Sausages.


20070821 (1).JPG (271375 byte) 20070821 (0).JPG (258113 byte) 20070821 (2).JPG (191711 byte)
But first Henrik had an appointment with Neptune even this year. This is the first swim for me in the Baltic this summer, in the amaizing temperature of I think around 21-22 °C.
I believe it took me around an hour to clean the bottom from barnacles and weed.
I was a little worried that Curette was overgrown in the bottom, since we have been on vacation abroad and left her all alone for five weeks, but it was just a couple of dozens barnacles and weed from the waterline and a few inches down.



Henrik found plenty of Moon Jellyfish. I believe they are a little early this summer, should not be arriving until September?
Latest August



We took this Thursday off too, because now it feels like it could really be the last nice summer day.

It shows now a couple of days later that it really seems to have been the last nice summer day. Burr!



20070830 (00).JPG (297785 byte) 20070830 (02).JPG (240696 byte) 20070830 (01).JPG (252945 byte)
A beautiful and intriguing sky!



20070830 (06).JPG (204012 byte) 20070830 (05).JPG (185760 byte) 20070830 (07).JPG (208712 byte)



Against the sun, when it was hiding behind a cloud.
The tugboat Anny is still anchored in the bay.


20070830 (03).JPG (282365 byte) 20070830 (04).JPG (349483 byte) 20070830 (08).JPG (323033 byte)
Henrik is cleaning the zink. It's just that the new foot pump is heavier than the previous one.



A newcomer!
20070830 (09).JPG (351702 byte) 20070830 (10).JPG (354419 byte) 20070830 (11).JPG (356653 byte)
When there is dense traffic in the lane we pass this house so close that it's possible, if you raise the voice a little, to say hello to the couple living there.
Strange, but after the many tenth of thousands of boats that have passed here during the years, they still raise their hand in response to a greeting from a boat.
A nice couple, and a nice house!



This French guest at the wharf will leave the boat here during the winter.
Then he can return next summer for another part of the archipelago.

I spent my childhood in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago, and the last 25 years in the center and southern part. Despite this I can't say that I still know more than a fraction of the 24,000 islands the archipelago is said to consist of  :-).



Now, when I'm writing this in early October I have to realize that the summer probably is over.
I have been at home for almost three weeks in pneumonia of the most severe kind, and the wharf has sent me the invoice for drysetting and rent for the winter.
This must be the most significant sign that the summer has finally come to an end!

When I got the invoice I thought the boat was on dry land, so was not the case, and therefore the story continues.



We finished the summer? with a rocket icecream, as usual! :-))

Can you believe that Henrik actually tried to shoot me with the aircrafts's built-in machine gun, after I bought him an icecream?

I can hardly believe it myself!







Drysetting20071102 (00).JPG (286680 byte) Drysetting2007 1102 (01).JPG (297121 byte) Drysetting20071102 (02).JPG (260013 byte)
The circumstances that Henrik's day-care was closed, that he joined me at work for the first half of this Friday November 2, and that the wharf had some time over for us, made it possible to for the first time in 24 years participate in the drysetting of Curette.



It was very windy in the morning, but by the time we arrived to Trosa it was almost calm, and it became a fantastic afternoon.


My attempt to clean the bottom of the boat from seaweed and barnacles in August was hardly visible. It looked really slimy, and despite the high-pressure washing machine I had to scrape off some barnacles.
It was as I expected quite difficult to get the straps in right position before the lift.

I wonder how the guys at the wharf have managed without me all these years? :-))



First Ice



Drysetting20071124 (1).JPG (297077 byte) Drysetting20071124 (2).JPG (190862 byte)
I went down to the wharf for a final check.



With this night's -5˚C the first thin ice has begun to cover the calm bay.

Thanks! See Ya Next Year!



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