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Now is the time!
It should still be a couple of weeks to go,
we live in Scandinavia you know! ;-)

But, Since we have got almost Mediterranean weather the last week,
I have asked the wharf for launch today, on Friday May 30.  :-)


Havsfidra Curette 2008

----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------

Hoist the flag!


HavsfidraCuretteLaunch20080.JPG (377993 byte)

Henrik and I have really worked with the hull this spring.
Both rubbed and polished.
My arms have become strong again!
Wonder why? ;-)


HavsfidraCuretteLaunch20081.JPG (255741 byte)  HavsfidraCuretteLaunch20082.JPG (301763 byte)

For environmental reasons antifouling is only used a feet or so below the waterline since I have noticed the most growth just below the waterline. Maybe the light only reaches this far in our waters?
We will see the result later on.



HavsfidraCuretteLaunch20083.JPG (306129 byte) HavsfidraCuretteLaunch20084.JPG (286095 byte) HavsfidraCuretteLaunch20085.JPG (274581 byte)



The launch went on smoothly.
HavsfidraCuretteLaunch20086.JPG (335522 byte)
Let her loose!









Sparkman & Stephens 34.
Lalji. R.C.A.

A guest from London, UK.


They came through the Göta Canal system last summer, left the boat on our wharf during the winter, came back to pick it up and continue their journey in the Stockholm archipelago, only to just after launch discover that it's not enough water in The Baltic to even let them out across the Trosa Western Town Bay. Sigh!


 Up again, on dry land, call for the neighbouring boat club, who within a few hours managed to gather the crew that could drive the remote controlled "Mud Crawler" and pick Lalji up and drive her across the parking lot into the boat club and launch her directly into the Trosa Stream instead where it is enough water. The fairway from Trosa stream out to sea is around four metres deep. It's good enough for M/S Juno and M/S Wilhelm Tham with a drought of 2.82 metres.

We had almost no snow this winter, and together with a huge high pressure system over our area for a couple of weeks, which seems to be staying for another week at least, is probably the reason to the low water level in The Baltic Sea.

Sparkman&Stephens34b.JPG (314305 byte)
The worried owners...
Sparkman&Stephens34a.JPG (248088 byte) Sparkman&Stephens34c.JPG (335202 byte)
...weren't at all worried! :-)


Sparkman&Stephens34d.JPG (231177 byte) Sparkman&Stephens34e.JPG (306086 byte)
Off they went, through the gate, across the street...




...and down in Trosa stream, with enough water under the keel!



Friday 13
The Lucky Day



TrosaRescueBoat080613IMG_4764.jpg (297032 byte) TrosaRescueBoat080613IMG_4766.jpg (261939 byte) TrosaRescueBoat080613IMG_4777.jpg (230966 byte)
When we arrived to the wharf, we found rescue boat Trosa hanging in the forks.



Raymond fixed the problem in just half an hour or so.

This is the first view for me, of the smooth underwater body of the modified combat boat 90E.



I don't know what kind of obstacles that will stop this boat. Not a floating log, or a short mud or sand bank, perhaps not even an ice age polished islet.
Have a look at Trosa Sea Rescue Station.
TrosaRescueBoat080613IMG_4773.jpg (314731 byte) TrosaRescueBoat080613IMG_4780.jpg (336654 byte) TrosaRescueBoat080613IMG_4783.jpg (240362 byte)
Meanwhile Henrik made a performance test.



Trosa is A-OK! Back to work.




M/S Juno


 JunoTrosa080613IMG_4793.jpg (243479 byte)

JunoTrosa080613IMG_4806.jpg (239925 byte)
Friday, June 13, a lucky departure day!
Henrik and I participated in (by laying off her mooring) and enjoying the departure of The Grand Old Lady M/S Juno.
The Göta Canal Boat, built in 1874, sailing almost her entire life on this route.
Do join us in this short movie showing her departure from the outer dock in Trosa town, with destination Gothenburg.
A journey that will take four days through inland canals and lakes.


JunoTrosa080613IMG_4802.jpg (212556 byte)
JunoTrosa080613IMG_4786.jpg (279756 byte)

M/S Juno is actually according to the ship register the oldest passenger ship (with overnight accommodation) in traffic in the world!


JunoTrosa080613IMG_4787.jpg (263378 byte) JunoTrosa080613IMG_4797.jpg (249752 byte)

Travel on Göta Canal


Göta Canal Website

Tonnage  254 tonnes
Length 31,45 m
Beam 6,68 m
Depth 2,72 m
Engines 2 x diesel
Speed 10 knots
Cabins 29 x 2 berths



JunoTrosa080613IMG_4815.jpg (167690 byte)
Captain and First Officer on the bridge.






S/S Ejdern



S/S Ejdern (The Eider), built in 1880, is the oldest coal fired, propeller driven, steamer with its original engine still working, in the world.
We visited her earlier this day at her home port in the town Södertälje.
The crew did light a fire under the boiler, and the smell is very special!
The deckhand told us that the core members were about to take 12 days off before the season begins, from Monday, and sail her through Hjälmare Canal. What a nice holiday!



In late afternoon, after the departure of Juno in Trosa, Henrik asked if we could take the road across the island Mörkö on our way home, and so we did.
About 20 minutes early we arrived to the car ferry dock at the Skanssundet sound. I believe Henrik planned this, because it's a candy store 30 yards from the dock. ;-).
On foot we both noticed the scent of coal fire.
There she was, moored beside the little golf course beside the filling station (not for coal fired steamers though).
At first we had a happy reunion with the crew. You didn't tell us you were going out this way today, it's windy today, and so on... and then we realized they had a slight problem. Ejdern took a group of people out here to the island to play golf and have fun for a couple of hours, but now the strong southerly wind prevented them from leaving the dock. In situations like this one understands why the bow propeller was invented. The filling station manager did however prepare a powerboat to pull her bow out at departure.
Oops, our ferry is arriving. Run!
See yah!



Ejdern080613IMG_4828.jpg (281193 byte) Ejdern080613IMG_4829.jpg (300770 byte) Ejdern080613IMG_4831.jpg (216687 byte)


Ejdern080613IMG_4832.jpg (274356 byte)



Length 22 m.
Beam 4,2 m.
Depth 1,80-2,02 m.
A 65 hp Compound Steam Engine built in 1880.
A Scottish-type boiler from 1947.
A 4-bladed propeller with a diameter of 1,4 m.
90 passengers.


Ejdern080613IMG_4658.JPG (264236 byte) Pay her own website a visit at and read the full story.

A placemark at Google Earth for her mooring in the home port Södertälje.
Another one at Google Maps.


Ejdern080613IMG_4660.JPG (274729 byte)
At her own dock at the Mayor's Cape (Borgmästarudden), almost in the city centre of Södertälje.
Pilot Cape (Lotsudden) in the backgound.



Have a view from Eniro, "utsikt", but first change the views to be seen from east or north in the square to the bottom left in the new window. She had just left her dock the day they photographed from south!
If you zoom out, Ejdern will be visable rounding The Pilot Cape for the lock to Lake Mälaren, and the bridge has begun opening.
You will get a whole story, just by changing the angle and zoom!
Please enjoy! :-)


The lock control tower in the background.


Do join us for a wonderful day on the lake with S/S Ejdern on a trip to the island Björkö, and the ancient Viking trading town Birka. For some of us the town is more or less considered as  Sweden's cradle.
I think we all did  catch a cold on the journey, but it was sure worth it!

Cormorants080613IMG_4838.jpg (219307 byte)
From the car ferry across Skanssundet I noticed that the islet Käringholmen has been destroyed by nesting Great Cormorants. This is the first time I've seen it live. I can not legitimate it, but I can understand some landowners that tries to get rid of them, with various means.







Sunday on the water


This was actually the only day we managed to get out on the water at all this summer.



20080727IMG_8027.JPG (270643 byte) 20080727IMG_8028.JPG (301900 byte)
The mandatory meeting with king Neptune was successful.



It's just that Henrik have had private swim lessons once a week all winter, in a big warm indoor swimming pool, but to convey these skills to a dip in a cold (21 degrees) muddy Baltic sea wasn't so easy. An attempt to distract by testing if the life jacket really worked didn't help either. We will have to wait until next summer.



20080727IMG_8031.JPG (381000 byte) 20080727IMG_8032.JPG (382217 byte) 20080727IMG_8033.JPG (314400 byte)
It was nice in the sun though.



20080727IMG_8029.JPG (207149 byte) 20080727IMG_8030.JPG (236868 byte) 20080727IMG_8035.JPG (233750 byte)



Beautiful sun rays in the afternoon.
20080727IMG_8034.JPG (305588 byte)







Bertram 25

She does not really belong to this page, but when I discovered her I got full ignition on all six!
Or, maybe it's more correct to say two times six in this case. :-)
Please enjoy!



20080818IMG_9008.jpg (248471 byte) 20080818IMG_9009.jpg (289769 byte) 20080818IMG_8993.jpg (263556 byte)
I believe she is from the mid sixties.
With wonderful lines!




She is a little worn, with all rights. The gelcoat is cracked in many places.
20080818IMG_8994.jpg (227087 byte) 20080818IMG_8996.jpg (224380 byte) 20080818IMG_8997.jpg (168404 byte)
Two old fuel consuming Mercruisers.


But a simplicity in the design.



Wonderful space!
To me this was love at first sight!

I want one!








We have decided to get up early this autumn.
This Friday happened to be the sunniest day for at least two weeks.
Henrik and I had a fantastic day, and managed to empty the boat, conserve the engine and cover the beauty for the winter, all in one day. 
And yet we got time to go down to Trosa beach for a test run with Henrik's new radio controlled hovercraft. It was very fun!




20080919IMG_9593.jpg (484392 byte) 20080919IMG_9599.jpg (555447 byte) 20080919IMG_9601.jpg (584972 byte)
The water level in the Baltic was even lower now, than in the spring.



We had to rock Curette loose from her mooring with full speed on the engine.



When we reached the quay, the dry setting went smoothly as usual.


20080919IMG_9603.jpg (447319 byte) 20080919IMG_9605.jpg (571834 byte) 20080919IMG_9606.jpg (526783 byte)



I did only paint antifouling a foot or so beneath the waterline just to see if it made a difference in our dark waters. The old paint is up to seven years old and I can't see the difference!?
Well, the propeller had no protection at all, and it was totally overgrown!



20080919IMG_9609.jpg (642406 byte)
This is unbelievable! 
I did make several dives on July 27 to clean the bottom, including the propeller, and yet it looks like this.



20080919IMG_9616.jpg (512087 byte)
Henrik has got his own hovercraft at last (the little one on the hood on the rescue hovercraft I mean).






First Ice

If there will be any at all?










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