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Havsfidra Curette 2009

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Hoist the flag!

Curette Ohoy! Despite the fact that Trosa wharf thought we were late, and launched Curette without notice in June, even before we had a chance to give her a proper wax polish, and that we have got a new family member in May and therefore used most of the time for the baby girl, so we haven't had any opportunity to get out on the water until today August 9. We don't complain at all, our little Lass is the most wonderful substitute for any hobby, including sailing, or boating!
Henrik and I used a few hours this Sunday for his first real sailing lessons! We had fun today!  



20090809IMG_6622.JPG (205835 byte) It's difficult for a seven year old to keep an eye at the wind vane, other boats, keeping a steady course, learning to listen for the sounds of speed from the boat, and being able to reach the tiller, repeatedly hour after hour, at least three hours today! :-))
All went well today!



20090809IMG_6627.JPG (203701 byte)
20090926IMG_7170.jpg (896959 byte)
The weed is growing so much it seems almost possible to walk on.
No, I didn't try! :-)



I have asked for drysetting, twice, but the guys at the wharf seems to forget me. It should have been nice to conserve the engine, and put a cover over Curette this weekend with the temperatures around 19C.

We'll make another attempt next week! :-)

20090926IMG_7173.jpg (610081 byte)
Henrik and his friend David had plenty to do!


Now it's October 10.
A bright sun and 10 degrees above freezing, and yet I have a strange feeling we are forgotten, again.

I did, to make sure the guys recognise me next week, put up a note on the pulpit.
We'll see next week!

20091010IMG_7254.jpg (228167 byte)




20091010IMG_7245.jpg (243773 byte)




20091010IMG_7249.jpg (238724 byte)
We seems to have had a low pressure system last week. The Baltic sea has flooded the yard.

20091010IMG_7250.jpg (251113 byte)
20091010IMG_7251.jpg (232840 byte)
It's pretty exciting to drive the car around in a foot deep Baltic sea too!



20091010IMG_7258.jpg (199597 byte)
Especially with a 200 Volt Hybride car. 

We got an unexpected sort of trip on the water anyway!

20091010IMG_7261.jpg (218531 byte)
Toyota managed even this time! ;-)


to be continued...































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