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Havsfidra Curette 2010

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Launch is planned to the end of June


20100620ReadyForLaunchIMG_9366.jpg (554619 byte)
Henrik and I has worked as a team for the first time


Curette has her summer moorings and  spends the winter on dry land at Trosa Wharf. This winter's heavy snowfall has made the cover to cave in. The result was a couple of tons of snow in the cockpit and when melting through the engine hatch it has filled the hull with hundreds of litres of water. I don't know how long the mahogany flooring has been floating around. Maybe two months?




20100620ReadyForLaunchIMG_9372.JPG (557453 byte)
We did manage to rub and polish the hull in only three hours
August 10.


20100810P1010962.jpg (658127 byte)

In the later part of this summer we have decided to move  Curette to another marina closer to where we live.



20100810P1010964.jpg (690164 byte)

We started the 41 nautical miles journey in the afternoon a weekday in August.

 20100810P1010965.jpg (630092 byte)

Almost no wind.

20100810P1010968.jpg (474592 byte)

I have been cruising in known waters for so long that I had to buy new charts.
Wonderful charts, printed on cloth, without reflecting plastic film and yet waterproof. But I think they have got smaller, can hardly read the text! ;-)



20100811IMG_1235.jpg (524533 byte)

The island Oaxen.
The old barracks converted to family homes.

20100811IMG_1237.jpg (552840 byte)

The cement production seased in the early seventies. But the silos are still in place.

20100811IMG_1243.jpg (586871 byte)




20100810P1010967.jpg (518595 byte)

Look, an eagle!
Southern Lime Stone Rock.

20100811IMG_1251.jpg (549241 byte)

Käringholmen is occupied by Cormorants.
It's even visible on Google Earth.

20100811IMG_1262.jpg (437064 byte)


20100811IMG_1265.jpg (457355 byte)

Car ferry "Karin" has made her journey's back and forth every 20 minutes since 1979.



20100811IMG_1269.jpg (505707 byte)

This is the southwesternmost bus stop in Botkyrka municipality. 
Could be good to know! :-)

20100811IMG_1282.jpg (514505 byte)

We are getting closer to Brandalssund.



20100811IMG_1280.jpg (470706 byte)

Peter, Our friend on this journey, from the British Isles had no excuse for not cruising in our archipelago. A contrast to his usual sailing waters the Solent!
Peter is also responible for several of the photos on this page.
He was for sure responsible for the night navigation later on. With Henrik's finger lamp he was able to read the chart and direct us safely through the narrows in eastern Mälaren.


20100811IMG_1283.jpg (855716 byte)

I think he spotted these nice cottages on the shore at the island Stora Radön.

 20100810P1010970.jpg (677304 byte)


20100810P1010971.jpg (519613 byte)

We had a few beers with us, and I will for sure recommend this summers brew of barbeque brew from Falcon.
You don't even need a barbeque to enjoy it!



20100810P1010969.jpg (616642 byte)


20100811IMG_1287.jpg (441441 byte)

One of the south navigation marks in Brandalssund

20100811IMG_1297.jpg (489445 byte)

We are getting closer to the wonderful little paradise island Fläsklösa. It's only the name (Pork Loose) and the climate zone it is placed is that are wrong. ;-))



20100810P1010973.jpg (602182 byte)

Henrik in front of Fläsklösa.

20100811IMG_1300.jpg (584996 byte)

The island Fläsklösa.

20100811IMG_1301.jpg (706367 byte)

The lighthouse on Fläsklösa.



20100810P1010974.jpg (622717 byte)

Silly us!

20100811IMG_1304.jpg (412896 byte)

A "Green Cargo" train passing the Igelsta bridge.

20100811IMG_1309.jpg (490733 byte)

Closing in on Halls Holme on starboard.



20100811IMG_1312.jpg (876193 byte)

The light Halls Holme.



20100811IMG_1324.jpg (390637 byte)

The Igelsta Bridge was inaugurated in 1994. The navigation span is around 40 metres.

20100811IMG_1326.jpg (560182 byte)

I was standing on the open platform in March 18, 1994, in light snow, on an old wood coach pulled by the first steam locomotive passing the bridge after its inauguration. I found out that I have a fear of heights, but had to overcome it quickly, if I ever should be able to show the video I was making from the train, without feeling ashamed of myself.
I can show the video!


20100811IMG_1331.jpg (484164 byte)

Regional commuter train X40 Heading for Stockholm.

20100811IMG_1332.jpg (461180 byte)

Close encounter.



20100811IMG_1334.jpg (475037 byte)

M/S Sternö
Kalmar (reg. Karlshamn).
Self-discharging bulk carrier.



20100811IMG_1335.jpg (486161 byte)

Igelsta district heating plant.
For around 200.000 people.

20100811IMG_1340.jpg (498783 byte)

The ship beyond the bridge is catching up on us. I wonder if they get priority in the lock later on?



20100811IMG_1344.jpg (404455 byte)

Now the real canal begins. I had to shut down the autopilot because of the currents that made the boat turn in either direction in a strange way.

20100811IMG_1353.jpg (565537 byte)

The brand new railway lift bridge.
Inaugurated sometimes during the summer 2010.

20100811IMG_1354.jpg (702658 byte)

It has for sure a new style, with the greenhouses on top.


20100811IMG_1361.JPG (566651 byte)

The local car and pedestrian bridge in foreground, less than ten years old. The motorway lift bridge, renovated after an annoying incident in the early nineties, when it got stuck in an uplifted position like a cabinette drawer, for several months. The motorway traffic was directed down through town. It was a terrible period for all of us.



20100811IMG_1369.jpg (527386 byte)

S/S Ejdern.
Belongs to Sweden's maritime heritage.

We arrived in time for the lock to open, but I made this turn just to get another photo of Ejdern, because I thought the ship catching up on us erlier under the Igelsta bridge would get priority in the lock. Too late I realized this wasn't the case. The lock master openened the lock but not the bridge for a power boat. We were out of sight for him around the Mayor's Cape.



20100811IMG_1376.jpg (823210 byte)

So we had to wait another hour until the this evenings last opening of the lock and bridge at 9 PM. 



20100811IMG_1377.jpg (671099 byte)

A sculpture depicting an ancient rock carving. A rugged armoured concrete construction, nice to view in a distance.



20100811IMG_1379.jpg (600995 byte)

The guest harbour across the cove Maren.

20100811IMG_1382.jpg (502134 byte)




20100811IMG_1389.jpg (427914 byte)

We began entering the lock before the only boat in it even started to get out. The sooner we get this done, the sooner they can close the bridge. I have been waiting in the car in the traffic jams many times for the slowboats down here! :-))








20100811IMG_1392.jpg (444085 byte)




20100811IMG_1393.jpg (560261 byte)

The bridge and lock gate are open.



20100811IMG_1395.jpg (418114 byte)

There is no need for moorings, a firm grip in the key is enough.




20100811IMG_1397.jpg (443104 byte)

Last boat for today!

20100811IMG_1399.jpg (436333 byte)

Sorry! Focus should have been on the gap between the gates, showing the Mälaren water level compared to the Baltic sea level, around 40 cm difference (average 60 cm).



20100811IMG_1400.jpg (410828 byte)

The whirlpools are stunning. It's strange to drive the boat uphill despite you are on calm flat water.

20100811IMG_1401.jpg (440141 byte)

Scandinavia´s biggest lock, 135 m long, 19,6 m wide and 7,8 m deep. 
Link to the Swedish Maritime Administration that takes care of the lock.

20100811IMG_1403.jpg (383471 byte)

Mälarbron, The Mälar Bridge.



20100811IMG_1404.jpg (399787 byte)

It's 13,8 m tall.

20100811IMG_1405.jpg (372543 byte)

Preparations for renovation of some kind on top of the brigde. The scaffold must stay put on the bridge when it is raised. :-)

20100811IMG_1407.jpg (499925 byte)

Our wind vane is just beneath 10,5 m from the waterline. The bridge is 13,8 m, but it's almost impossible to judge from below. :-)



20100811IMG_1408.jpg (392140 byte)


20100811IMG_1409.jpg (425638 byte)


20100811IMG_1410.jpg (406593 byte)

Swedish Coastguard KBV 046 Siwr has her (his?) moorings here on the key below Astra-Ceneca headquarters.



20100811IMG_1412.jpg (465989 byte)


20100810P1010981.jpg (467254 byte)

In the mouth of Southern Birch Bay, Södra Björkfjärden.

20100811IMG_1415.jpg (453344 byte)

The last rays.




20100810P1010983.jpg (432524 byte)

It's dark now, note the glow from the sun in background. I wasn't prepared for the flash. :-)




 Two weeks later, late August.



20100810P1010995.jpg (565440 byte)




20100810P1010993.jpg (541132 byte)

Just a short cruise on Rödstensfjärden.

P1010991.JPG (1344838 byte)










Early September.




20100901IMG_1668.JPG (541902 byte)




20100901IMG_1670.JPG (922662 byte)

We are moving the boat cradle from Trosa to our new harbour Slagsta Marina.

20100901IMG_1675.JPG (500372 byte)










Early October.




20101002IMG_0078.jpg (403688 byte)

The "Mud Crawler" is a bit large for our Curette. :-)



20101002IMG_0079.jpg (375297 byte)


20101002IMG_0083.jpg (468607 byte)

On the edge.

20101002IMG_0084.jpg (406778 byte)




20101002IMG_0085.jpg (366581 byte)


20101002IMG_0086.jpg (419685 byte)

We had a long walk, around 325 m in the speed of 5 km/h

20101002IMG_0090.jpg (829328 byte)

Harbour Captain and his hard working guys.



20101002IMG_0091.jpg (496459 byte)


20101002IMG_0092.jpg (682681 byte)

For the first time in many years she is finally leaning backwards. now the cockpit drainage will work! :-)



20101002IMG_0094.jpg (1007225 byte)

Sleep tight!









































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