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Havsfidra Curette 2011

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Launch on May 21 at 11.00 hours sharp!


The launch went on smoothly without any incidents. and we kept the shedule with several minutes ahead to the next launch at 11.30.



20110626IMG_1320.jpg (467734 byte)
Mother care



20110626IMG_1324.jpg (734954 byte)
First time aboard.

20110626IMG_1328.jpg (534411 byte)
We met a tug boat with tall swells today, and it was a delight. Good hopes for the future!



20110626IMG_1335.jpg (534777 byte)
Raven Rock to the left, a part of Slagsta Marina, Slagsta beach to the right of the Norsborg district heating plant chimney.



20110626IMG_1343.jpg (744075 byte)
A closer view of Slagstaholm sea scout camp.
20110626IMG_1334.jpg (761541 byte)
The island Slagstaholm where the sea scout camp is used to be.


20110626IMG_1339.JPG (626152 byte)
Lower Hallunda.



20110626IMG_1345.jpg (731181 byte)
Slagsta Marina, dock 7, towards south.
20110626IMG_1347.jpg (715888 byte)
Slagsta Marina, dock 7, towards north.
20110726IMG_0183.JPG (501889 byte)





This is a new neighbour at the marina.

Ulf and his son has recently purchased this beautiful big sister to our Havsfidra, a Storfidra (Big Fidra). I certainly envie his furling main sail and furling genoa. 


20110726IMG_0181.JPG (411541 byte)



Just an afternoon trip on June 27.

A three hour long journey around the island Kungshatt (King's Hat), and a detour to the Royal Palace Drottningholm (Queen's Islet) for a quick view of our King's Storebro Royal Cruiser, and the backyard of the palace of coarse!


Click here for a slideshow from this journey!




Saturday July 23 on the water!


Henrik and I just went down to the marina to try to find and eventually glue a suspected hole in the inflatable dinghy, which we found with ease, and fixed in a moment. What to do next? The bay was so inviting so we decided to make a short trip.


20110723IMG_0105.JPG (576721 byte)

We followed the southern shore line of the Red Stone bay to Hallunda steamboat dock.



20110723IMG_0106.JPG (538967 byte)

We talked about if the depth was good enough for us in the cove when rounding the dock?


20110723IMG_0107.JPG (667601 byte)

Easy does it now!


20110723IMG_0109.JPG (822473 byte)

What the ...
Margarita and Irene!

Margarita told me later that she heard my voice out on the bay before we rounded the cape, but she didn't believe her ears, since we weren't supposed to be out on the lake.
Nice surprise!




20110723IMG_0110.JPG (582952 byte)

Now we are standing on the lake floor.
At 1.2 metres! :-)


20110723IMG_0111.JPG (539018 byte)

We went back again on foot later the same evening, for a swim.


July 26, a nice Tuesday evening.



20110726IMG_0202.jpg (477439 byte)




A three quarter of an hour long trip from home is Tappström, a narrow passage between the islands Ekerö and Lindö.
M/S Seaside has been moored here for many years. The owner had great intentions for her, but she sank a couple of years ago, probably because of a frozen valve.
The vessel is a former Norwegian Hurtigrutten ship, and interests are to salvage her and renovate her back to original, there is only a small problem, lack of money.
20110726IMG_0199.jpg (456640 byte)



20110726IMG_0222.jpg (416720 byte)

Veronica crossed our route, again!
But, I am magnanimous and will let it pass this time, she is actually sailing for her bread, and I'm only sailing for pleasure. ;-)




Another nice Tuesday evening, August 23.



20110723IMG_0115.JPG (405620 byte)




It was so nice in the sun, and almost perfectly calm. It was one of these days easy to count. We just had to go out on the water! 20110723IMG_0114.JPG (402475 byte)



20110827IMG_0133.JPG (687956 byte)

This beach house is situated right on, the beach! A Paradise!




Two houses on the island Kanan.



20110827IMG_0129.JPG (657336 byte)

Note the sauna on top of the property, and the slide, or helter-skelter right into the lake. There are water hoses in the slide to make the ride faster, and cooler!





20110827IMG_0144.JPG (380273 byte)

A very special house!
I will not disclose the owner, only mention that she has belonged to a music group that has spread joy throughout the world for more than thirtyfive years now. And their music will continue to spread joy throughout the world, for ever!







20110827IMG_0155.JPG (699993 byte)

Speedo I in the narrows.




20110827IMG_0170.JPG (633883 byte)

The sauna for the warriers at Vällinge Home Guard School.


20110827IMG_0174.JPG (482634 byte)

M/S Solskär passing the island Kanan.



20110827IMG_0176.JPG (650199 byte)

Multiple helter-skelters?! ;-))


20110827IMG_0182.JPG (352401 byte)

M/S  Solskär entering the Bockholm narrows, where I met her a pitchblack night last August, without understanding it, until the captain aimed his searchlight right in my face, which in turn made me make an immediate 45 degree starboard turn. She was too big in that narrow sound. I didn't realize that the white top lantern, and the red port light belonged to the same ship, they were too far away from each other. After the flash in my face I know better!
Sorry Captain, if I were a nuisance to you that night August 10, 2010, close to midnight!



20110827IMG_0193.JPG (380305 byte)

It's getting chilly now!



20110827IMG_0198.JPG (490559 byte)

M/S Mälar Victoria crossing Red Stone Bay in 12 knots, with a heavy swell! 

I have probably been a nuisance to her Captain too, but, then it was a calculated risk I took when crossing her route under sail. :-) 


20110827IMG_0203.JPG (383800 byte)

Lonely Mälar Victoria heading west in the sunset!


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