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Katarina Fire Station

Stockholm City, Sweden.

Open House on February 24, 2009.

A placemark for this fire station at Google Earth!

An aerial view of this fire station at Eniro! Look for and use the "Utsikt" function!

A placemark for the Stockholm Fire and Rescue Boat Fenix, moored at Slussen!

An aerial view of the Fire Boat Fenix at Eniro! Look for and use the "Utsikt" function!



 This the Capital's very first fire station in Katarina parish on the island Södermalm just south of the Old Town in Stockholm City was inaugurated in 1876.

It was a reformation of the voluntary fire defence system, to a system very much like the military and with similar order hierarchy, and it has worked ever since!

This fire station has been manned around the clock since 1876, and I dare say it's one of the oldest, if not the oldest still operational fire station in the world! 

The operational area are primarily the island Södermalm and the Old Town, including the Royal Palace and the Parliament.
The station has also the responsibility for fire rescue in Stockholm harbour and for this purpose they have moored at the lock Slussen, a fire boat of the type Combat boat 90H (modified).



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Katarina Fire Station
Tjärhovsgatan 9-11
S-116 21 Stockholm



Katarina firestation has been featured in a popular TV.series.
 KatarinaFireStation02.JPG (231019 byte)  
Nile City 105.6 Veiron in the ott (early morning) calls the Best Western Fresno Beach Hotel.
The original lantern?!



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The transport car #363 Rescue truck #131



Ladder #132
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Look, the box is full of soda bottles in the crew cabin?
A necessity when the tough gets going!



 KatarinaFireStation10.JPG (247930 byte)    KatarinaFireStation11.JPG (314883 byte)
  Suddenly the blue flash lights came on!  



 KatarinaFireStation12.JPG (337633 byte)    KatarinaFireStation13.JPG (352687 byte)
Every part has its place.  



All shelves are labelled.
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 KatarinaFireStation15.JPG (269888 byte)  Let's try the collar for protection against whiplash injuries!  KatarinaFireStation18.JPG (231038 byte)



 KatarinaFireStation19.JPG (245889 byte)  KatarinaFireStation20.JPG (222810 byte)  KatarinaFireStation21.JPG (211594 byte)
Heavy, with the personal axe belt included!



 KatarinaFireStation22.JPG (241140 byte)

KatarinaFireStation23.JPG (241806 byte)

 KatarinaFireStation24.JPG (270198 byte)
Fire Rescue Boat #139 Fenix


 At her home port mooring at the lock Slussen



 Fire Rescue Boat #139 Fenix in full emergency response in late afternoon on August 21, 2005. A boat sank, but the skipper were rescued!