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Carl Tyrannosaurus Rex Henrik Holmer


A Few Early Movie Clips Of Henrik

Mimik 1
Titta, jag kan stå!

Henrik 1 År


When the pictures above are downloaded, they move way too fast.
Left click and move the mouse a little,
then move one frame at a time with the arrow keys.

A Henrik's Space at


Internationella Engelska Skolan

Upcoming slide shows at

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Mormor Lidijas väder idag!
Gammelmormor Antoninas väder idag!
Bildkavalkad: Moskva Idag!
What Time Is It, Right Now?
No Milk Today
Minuscule videos on Google



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 A model aircraft flying through the 4km South Link Tunnel in Stockholm.



Happy FeeT Trailer


Happy Feet Trailer





A free translation from Russian as follows,
There are many roads, but the only real road is the railroad (iron road)!


The Roots of Rap


The Roots of Breakdance


The original recorded in 1981


An American inside a Russian locomotive



We No Speak Americano lyrics


Renato Carosone - Tu Vuo' Fa l'Americano

Sofia Loren - Tu vuò fa l'Americano
from the musical Carina







Photo Album


Första Året


Andra Året


Fotoalbum 2


Fotoalbum 3


Fotoalbum 4


Fotoalbum 5


Fotoalbum 6


Fotoalbum 7


Fotoalbum 8, 
Familjen Åhlunds besök


The Daffodil Wreath









Dart Vader in Norsborg




KimuraShukokaiTenthDegree071215.JPG (642628 byte)
Click here for Henrik's Karate Shukokai page!


Birthday Parties

















Birthday.JPG (522248 byte)

Go to the page for
the second and third of Henrik's
four different Five Years
Birthday Parties in 2007

The first party was at the
Daycare Bumble Bee further down.
























Special Events


IMG_1148.JPG (306497 byte)
Movie from Hågelbyparken
Farbror Fläskkorvs Musikverkstad
(Uncle Porksausage Music Workshop)
IMG_5507cr.jpg (840759 byte)
Click here for Botkyrkahallen Gymnastics



Vellinge 051212.jpg (324096 byte)
Road Trip To Vällinge, The Movie


TT (01).JPG (355072 byte)
Click here for Tom Tits Experiment



RussianSagaSnowFlakeDance071214IMG_2480.JPG (299325 byte)
A Russian Saga in Alby, Sun and Snowflakes at BumbleBee,
2007-12-14, the movie.

A movie from Christmas Eve


Brännkyrka Fire Station
Open House


BauhausKidsClubDiplomaHenrik20080315.jpg (106584 byte)
Easter Pottering at Bauhaus
in Alby



Botkyrka Fire Station
Open House

StockholmFireBoat139.JPG (270198 byte)
Katarina Fire Station
Open House
Mössen i Sillvik



20090608GokartTuvangenRingIMG_3816cr.JPG (309957 byte)
Tuvängen Ring, the movie!

Tuvängen Ring homepage

 20090619SolderCourseIMG_4076cr.JPG (247438 byte)
Solder course part 2, the movie!


DraisineRideVirserum20090709.jpg (329757 byte)
Draisine ride in Virserum, Småland,
the movie!



M41M3Tank20081229IMG_6655.JPG (311975 byte)
Henrik's battle tank from 
The United States Army
 Model M41M3,
the movie!



20090705OlandBridgeIMG_4411.jpg (171550 byte)
Öland bridge, Round-trip,
the movie!




20090722OptandAirportSAABSafirChevroletIMG_5718.jpg (202353 byte)
Optand Airport 2009-07-22,
SAAB Safir departure and a Chevrolet -57 in mint condition,
the movie!



20090722JamtliAlmaDimmanIMG_5422.JPG (308974 byte)
Jamtli History Park,
The Steamer S/S Alma, 
and a fishing tour with M/B Dimman,
the movie!




20090723GimaStreamIMG_5959.JPG (561729 byte)
Gimå stream and surroundings,
the movie!



20090723SkvaderMilkBusIMG_5981.JPG (1471022 byte)
The Skvader -57,
the movie!



20090811FlemingsbergTrainStationIMG_6640.JPG (214389 byte)
Flemingsberg Train Station,
Seven minutes with busy trains,
the movie!


20090911TuvangenRingIMG_4281.JPG (281363 byte)
Tuvängen Ring in September, the movie!


20100524FreinetSchoolChestnutSpringShowIMG_9228.JPG (699186 byte)
Spring Concert 2010-05-24, the movie!



20100806GoCartPodolskIMG_1173.JPG (523283 byte)
Go-Cart in Podolsk, Russia, 20100806, the movie!




20110604TuvangenRingIMG_1236.JPG (1469698 byte)
Go-Cart in Tuvängen Ring, 2011-06-04, the movie!



20110725TransAgilaSodertaljeIMG_0149.JPG (933691 byte)
M/S Trans Agila passing through the lock in Södertälje, the movie!




20110822ChestnutSchoolStartIMG_0102.JPG (672237 byte)
School start in Autumn 2011, the movie!



20120520TuvangenRingPartyIMG_1322.JPG (776307 byte)
Henrik's Tenth Birthday Party, at Tuvängen Ring GoCart Race Court, the movie!

20120626OresundGreatLittleBeltBridgesScaniaJutland_0002IMG_1758.JPG (1069053 byte)
Öresund bridge, Great Belt bridge and Little Belt bridge, the one way movie!







20120730GoKartPodolskIMG_3132.JPG (551611 byte)
20120730 Gokart in Klimovsk, Russia, the movie.













Mälar valley Module Meeting



20091107MalarModuleRailwayMJHobbyIMG_7435.jpg (773033 byte)
Mälar Module Model Railway Builders
at Hobbyexperten 2009-11-07, the movie!



20091108MalarModuleRailwayMJHobbyIMG_7477.jpg (712033 byte)
Mälar Module Model Railway Builders
at Hobbyexperten 2009-11-08, the movie!


20100314MMMScienceMuseum_0001IMG_8678.JPG (248008 byte)
Mälar Module Model Railway Builders at the Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm 2010-03-14, the movie!

20110211CabRidesHallundaRailwayIMG_0627.JPG (595571 byte)
Swedish Pacific steam engine F1207 cab ride, the movie!


20110216CabRearRideHallundaRailwayIMG_0678.JPG (458798 byte)
20110216 More Cab Rides on Hallunda Railway, the movie!



20110305MMMBodalsSkolaIMG_0936cr.JPG (518574 byte)
20110305 Mälar Valley Module Meeting in Bodal School, the movie!



20110306MMMBodalsSkolaIMG_0938.JPG (566204 byte)
20110306 Mälar Valley Module Meeting in Bodal School day two, the movie!

Click here for a slideshow from this fantastic event!


20110709HouseofModelRailwaysIMG_1500.jpg (754871 byte)
20110709 House of Model Railways in Alunda, Sweden, the movie!

Click here for their own homepage.


20111007ModelRailways2011Del1IMG_0440.JPG (662930 byte)
20111007 Exhibition "Model Railways -11"
at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle, the movie!

The Swedish Railway museum website.

20120108BodalSkolaIMG_0775.JPG (611063 byte)
20120108 Mälar Module Meeting in Bodal School during eight days, the uncensored movie!



20120301KallangensSkolaIMG_0931.JPG (1049378 byte)
20120301 Mälar Module Meeting in Källängen School, the movie!



20120304KallangensSkolaIMG_0938.JPG (1429141 byte)
20120304 Mälar Module Meeting in Källängen School, the second movie!

20120416TekniskaMuseetIMG_1100.JPG (498592 byte)
20120418 Mälar Module Meeting at the Museum of Science and Technology, the movie!


20120826LudmillaRussianDomesticCoachesIMG_3644.JPG (585611 byte)
20120826 BR 232 "Ludmila" with Russian domestic passenger coaches on Swedish rail, the movie.


20121006ModelRailways2012Part1IMG_3938.JPG (588448 byte)
20121006 Model Railways 2012 exhibition at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle, Sweden, the movie.

20121007ModelRailways2012Part2IMG_3985.JPG (699823 byte)
20121007 Model Railways 2012 exhibition at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle, Sweden.
Fast, Faster, Fastest, the movie.


20121028HobbyexpertenEKEN0013.jpg (202359 byte)
20121028 Open House at Hobbyexperten in Stockholm, the movie.


20121104HobbyexpertenIMG_4178.JPG (385423 byte)
20121104 Open House at Hobbyexperten in Stockholm, part two, the movie.


20121104HobbyexpertenDel3IMG_4168.JPG (564559 byte)
20121104HobbyexpertenDel3, the movie.




Se Jan Gissbergs filmer på Youtube



20130224TekniskaMuseetEKEN0007.jpg (194404 byte)
20130224TekniskaMuseet, the movie.


20131013modelRailways2013IMG_6870.JPG (503619 byte)
20131013 Model Railways 2013 exhibition at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle, Sweden, the movie.



20131102StockholmInternationalFairIMG_7170.JPG (532374 byte)
20131102 Stockholm International Fair, the movie.



20141012DSCN3696.jpg (869761 byte)

20141012 Model Railways 2014 exhibition at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle, Sweden, the slide show.!album-28
20141101DSCN4918.jpg (674469 byte)
20141101 Stockholm International Fairs, the slide show.!album-34


Here is a movie from the event!


 20151101HobbymassanDSCN1858.JPG (849537 byte)
20151101 Stockholm International Fairs, the movie.

20151222SASLiljeholmenSodertaljeDSCN1980 - Kopia.JPG (596158 byte)
20151212 Liljeholmen-Södertälje Roundtrip with Stockholms Ånglokssällskap locomotive S 1921, the movie.



















The Favorite Stroller



Indoors & Outdoors

Bertini Strollers in USA and international
I beleive today's "X5 Classic" is the closest model to our stroller.


P5100531compr.JPG (151155 byte)

Bertini 4 Wheel Steer




In daily use for more than three years now until we have put it away in the garage. The only maintenance necessary have been lubrication of the moving parts. The tires are almost worn out, and need to be replaced. We were a little doubtful about the steering mechanism at purchase, but it has proven to be as good (and even more reliable than I could imagine) as the rest of the stroller!

Highly recommended!



-------------------------------- --------------------------------

HenriksNewBike20101113IMG_0428cr.JPG (615342 byte)
Found at our nighbour's garage sale.
A real bargain!











DayCare Autumn 2004.jpg (1085362 byte)

Henriks Dagis Oktober 2005.jpg (398955 byte)

Day Care Autumn 2006 All Together Web.jpg (392296 byte)

Daycare Autumn 2004


Daycare Autumn 2005



Daycare 2007
Bumble Bee


Daycare Autumn 2006















The Favorite Bus


It's no wonder that these buses have became favorites. They pass by our house up to eight times an hour during workdays. It will sure leava a trace in a little boy's mind!



P9176987cr.jpg (239438 byte)

P9184423cr.JPG (346015 byte)


Henrik's own bus was put into service in September 17 2003, and is still going strong, three years later! A wheel comes off sometimes and the door mechanisms are malfunctioning. But, It’s still in service!



Now it has gone another year, and it seems that I have to repeat myself, and therefore I have  taken a picture in the evening of September 18 2007, four years and a day later, to show that a little glue have made that wheel to stay put and kept the bus in service for another year.

A quick update:
The bus is still in service now in the autumn 2009, even if the number of daily tours are reduced, to now and then. :-)

SAAB-Scania Group 1991.jpg (122105 byte) Links:




The SAAB-Scania Group in 1991.


P9227122cr.jpg (448374 byte)

Favorite Tractors
















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