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Botkyrka Fire Station

Botkyrka municipality, Sweden.

Open House on May 24, 2008.

A placemark for this fire station at Google Earth!

An aerial view of this fire station at Eniro!


 Botkyrka Fire Station is together with 6 other fulltime fire stations, and 10 part time stations in 9 municipalities south of Stockholm serving around 430,000 people.
It means that there are at least 42 men and women only on these stations, standing by around the clock, for our safety!

On a marvellous sunny May Saturday a couple of hundreds of Botkyrka inhabitants responded to the invitation from the station to their open house and rescue exercise.

We got the opportunity to inspect all kinds of emergency vehicles from a police car through the whole chain to a heavy tow truck and a highway road assistance truck.
Hot and cold beverages, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers was offered, and candy rain from the sky lift too!

Smoke diving in a building under supervision was almost mandatory, occationally after some persuasion :-), and children was taught how to put out a fire, hands on with a foam extinguisher! It's difficult to try such things at home! It was truly educational, under playful forms!

The second part of this day was dedicated to a simulated traffic accident with an injured man stuck in a car. Fire truck and ambulance under full emergency response, even a surprising arrival of one of Stockholm county's two Ambulance Helicopters in the middle of the scene!
The whole event was awsome!

Just one question: Why do they always have to wreck a Volvo? ;-)

Watch the movie from the event further down the page!



  Do take a look at the following websites for more details.

Södertörn Fire and Rescue Service



 BotkyrkaFireStationMainBuilding.JPG (296030 byte)    BotkyrkaFireStationMainBuildingClose.JPG (305080 byte)
 A view of Botkyrka Fire Station from the roundabout.



   It's a big building!
 BotkyrkaFireStation19Gates.JPG (319930 byte)  BotkyrkaFireStationVehiclesDisplay.JPG (292614 byte)  BotkyrkaFireStation19GatesHall.JPG (379006 byte)
 The front yard



 All vehicles were open for investigation by the kids. Now and then a siren went on, to tickling surprise and amusement for the most of us.



 The huge garage!
 BotkyrkaFireStationSlideBar1.JPG (410397 byte)    BotkyrkaFireStationSlideBar2.JPG (584528 byte)
 Strange place to put out furniture?



   Oh! The pole chute is not in use any longer!
 BotkyrkaFireStationCommandControlVehicle.JPG (264164 byte)   BotkyrkaFireStationPoliceCar.JPG (257588 byte) 
 The rescue command and communication vehicle.



   Are you talking to me?
Just an impression I got when I saw this picture the first time. ;-)



 BotkyrkaFireStationAmbulanceRescueLadder.JPG (296189 byte)  BotkyrkaFireStationRescueLadderTank.JPG (388092 byte)  BotkyrkaFireStationRescue.JPG (358088 byte)



 The prime vehicles, Rescue, Ladder, and Water truck.  
 BotkyrkaFireStationFourWheelerTank.JPG (1379596 byte)  BotkyrkaFireStationFourWheelerCrowd.JPG (315236 byte) BotkyrkaFireStationRubberBoatPump.JPG (286169 byte) 



 Even the fire fighters competes about who's going to drive the four wheeler at arrival. :-)  
 BotkyrkaFireStationLindbergTowTruckScaniaR5006x2-06BB1010aggregat3.JPG (240502 byte)  BotkyrkaFireStationLindbergTowTruckScaniaR5006x2-06BB1010aggregat2.JPG (215568 byte) BotkyrkaFireStationLindbergTowTruckScaniaR5006x2-06BB1010aggregat1.JPG (292971 byte) 



Heavy tow trucks from Södertälje!


 BotkyrkaFireStationRoadAssistance2.JPG (261690 byte)

The Swedish Road Administration keep a number of these running on highways during rush hours in and around the Stockholm metropolitan area.
Lucky are the motorists with malfunctioning cars that get one of these parked in behind with its protective giant pillow!

 BotkyrkaFireStationRoadAssistance1.JPG (306444 byte)
 The collision pillow is supposed to withstand a collision with a car in up to 70 km/h without anybody getting seriously hurt. It has happened three times so far, still in lower speeds, and it worked! With a replaced pillow to a cost of about US$ 15,000 each time. But it saves lifes!



 BotkyrkaFireStationSmokeRoom.JPG (375650 byte)    BotkyrkaFireStationSmokePipe.JPG (229736 byte)
 The only place where smoke is allowed indoors in Sweden! ;-)



  The smoke Pipe. 
Our Margarita is one of the tougher gals!


 BotkyrkaFireStationBurntApartment.JPG (310434 byte)   BotkyrkaFireStationWiimaBusTilted.JPG (429878 byte) 
After the demonstration of a fire in a living room.






 The traffic accident.
It's very difficult to move around in an overturned bus, even without any injured passengers. The real thing must be horrible!


BotkyrkaFireStationTrafficAccidentRescueDriver3.JPG (319329 byte) BotkyrkaFireStationTrafficAccidentRescueDriver1.JPG (214728 byte) BotkyrkaFireStationTrafficAccidentRescueDriver2.JPG (229451 byte)


An educational show about how to get a presumed neck or back injured person out of a wrecked car.  

Watch a movie from the exercise

It was quite spectacular, and hopefully it gave us something to think about!

 BotkyrkaFireStationAmbulanceHelicopterEC135_OH_HMI_1.JPG (298518 byte)  BotkyrkaFireStationAmbulanceHelicopterEC135_OH_HMI_2.JPG (357442 byte) BotkyrkaFireStationAmbulanceHelicopterEC135_OH_HMI_3.JPG (374137 byte)
This helicopter is leased from the Finnish owner on the islands Åland during the summer season, because of the increased amount of accidents in the Stockholm archipelago during the vacation period. 



Eurocopter EC135 with registration number OH-HMI has been photographed by others and published at for instance
Have a view here
The crew was very friendly and answered all our questions with the same enthusiasm.