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Brännkyrka Fire Station

Southern Stockholm City, Sweden.

Open House on February 28, 2008.

A placemark for this fire station at Google Earth

Or, Why not a wonderful view through Eniro Utsikt!


Eric, The patron saint of Stockholm City.
King of Sweden 1150-1160.
All we know about him are legends only.

Stockholm Fire Defence
Official website in English

Fire Defence
Unofficial website in English



BrannkyrkaFireStation(01).JPG (1119422 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(02).JPG (218996 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(03).JPG (307451 byte)
The suitable name literally translated to Burn Church for the station and the parish, comes from when the Danes attacked and burned the church in the year 1518. The Danes did not succeed keeping Sweden within the union this time, but rather two years later. After another three years, in 1523, Sweden became a sovereign state, if I recall right it was on June 6.:-)
Only kidding, of coarse I'm sure!
It's Sweden's National Day!



Henrik and I arrived 20 minutes early, and were met by a fire truck and the ladder in full emergency response, so we thought the open day event was cancelled.



The very latest building on the property.
BrannkyrkaFireStation(05).JPG (255978 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(06).JPG (337001 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(08).JPG (263990 byte)
Ladder 152.

But in time for opening of the event they came back.




It was a false automatic fire alarm.
It's common, but no alarms can be ignored.
This is the first time visit to a fire station for both Henrik and me.
It is exciting!
This is an extra spare engine/rescue truck.
BrannkyrkaFireStation(09).JPG (294392 byte)

Fully equipped!
Automatic transmission is a necessity in dense city traffic!


BrannkyrkaFireStation(07).JPG (525991 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(10).JPG (307485 byte)

The library, about the industries in the area, I guess.



Five 340 Hp Scanias in a row!




BrannkyrkaFireStation(11).JPG (262588 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(12).JPG (278952 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(13).JPG (330327 byte)

 Quite a number of visitors, in all ages!

A Warm Welcome!




Nail Cutter, size large!
For cutting off car roofs, or anything that's in the way for rescuers.
BrannkyrkaFireStation(14).JPG (273173 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(15).JPG (270436 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(18).JPG (334891 byte)

To prevent further neck and spine problems, after a car accident for instance.

Lifepak 500 AED Defibrillator
Included in every emergency vehicle, and getting more common in police cars, taxis, shops and supermarkets.
They save far more people when they can do it directly on the spot, and it's so simple to use, that almost any one can do it!




Smoke Blower.
BrannkyrkaFireStation(16).JPG (377429 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(17).JPG (400030 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(20).JPG (541829 byte)

Extendable warning light, and work lights!

Retracted again.




Burglar tools.
A difference is that a fireman doesn't have to be silent when using them! :-)
BrannkyrkaFireStation(19).JPG (259206 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(21).JPG (311871 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(22).JPG (309570 byte)
For all needs. Even the most unpleasant. Instant exhaust evacuation.
A smart solution to avoid exhausts in the hall.




An open solution!
BrannkyrkaFireStation(24).JPG (262000 byte)
The Chief's car must be clean too!


BrannkyrkaFireStation(23).JPG (487756 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(29).JPG (256970 byte)
Tall enough for 8-storey buildings, 32 meters.
Impressive vehicles!




BrannkyrkaFireStation(27).JPG (242996 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(25).JPG (205927 byte) BrannkyrkaFireStation(26).JPG (252487 byte)
Almost convinced. Container truck 155.
Equipped with tools for collapsed buildings, and heavy rescue.




Container truck 156.
For places without fire posts.
BrannkyrkaFireStation(28).JPG (252010 byte)
Successfully recruited!




BrannkyrkaFireStation(30).JPG (335728 byte)
Transport car 343.
Mickelsbergsvägen towards Herrängen, literally Gentlemen's Meadow.
Fruängen, Wife´s Meadow is actually down this road too, a little to the right in the end. Gubbängen, Old Man's Meadow however, is in the opposite direction, behind the back of the photographer. There are a lot of old meadows here when one starts to think about it!














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